STUDY: Some Doctors Don’t Even Want To Touch HIV+ Patients

Here’s some depressing HIV health news. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that three out of four of the 1.2 million HIV-positive Americans don’t receive enough medicine or regular health care “to stay healthy or prevent themselves from transmitting the virus to others”—240,000 don’t even know they’re infected. But there’s more!

Another study by the Williams Institute found that “55 percent of obstetricians, 46 percent of skilled nursing facilities, and 25 percent of plastic surgeons” in L.A. “had policies that specifically discriminated against people living with HIV or AIDS” over the past decade.

While our horrid economic climate has made it harder for pozzers to get proper medical attention, you’d think the Hippocratic oath and basic safety precautions would keep professional doctors open to at least serving the HIV-positive patients who do seek medical help.

Maybe not all doctors feel similarly and L.A. doctors are just extra douchey.