Sundance Reacts to Proposed Boycott

In the wake of a proposal by Americablog’s John Aravosis that gays and lesbians should boycott the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah to protest the passage of Prop. 8, Sundance Institute spokesperson Brooks Addicott told IndieWire, “It would be gravely disappointing to us if the Sundance Film Festival were to be singled out for a boycott. We bring together a diverse range of independent voices and we remain committed to create a dialogue around critical issues.”

While the proposed boycott has received widespread blog coverage, many Sundance alumnus feel that a boycott would hurt gay rights, not promote them, as the festival is known as the premiere showcase for new LGBT/queer-related work.

Producer Ross Katz (“Lost in Translation”, “In the Bedroom”) wrote on a Facebook discussion about the topic:

“The idea of boycotting Sundance is totally misguided and only HURTS the cause. The fact is that Sundance has been a constant home for celebrating gay films and filmmakers since its inception. Look back at the history of films that Sundance has supported. Look back at the history of theater projects the Sundance theater lab has supported, nurtured, and launched into the world. They offer a voice – a loud, uncompromising voice – for filmmakers of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, political bents. Those voices are shouted from the mountain tops of Park City. If anything, take the amazing platform that Sundance is, and run with it.”

Allison Anders (“Gas Food Lodging”) also wrote on the board, saying:

“Sundance was for decades one of the tiny few hands that fed gay filmmakers, women filmmakers, browns, blacks, reds and everyone underrepresented on the screen… If people continue to misplace their rage over Prop 8 passing, they will change not one thing.”

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