Super Hot, Super Hard Boners On Full Display For Vice’s “Groin Gazing”

student-smallVice, cultural online magazine and beacon of all things slightly-SFW, has published a hard-hitting photo series observing — in it’s natural habitat — one of the most breathtakingly beautiful subjects a photographer could ever hope to shoot: The Boner.

Yes, hardened male dick is the star of “Groin Gazing“, a series by photographer Claire Milbrath and styled by Mila Franovic, which consists of several tight shots framed around hard dick begging to break free from restrictive jeans, underwear, and sweatpants.

The anonymous and visibly aroused models are styled to represent a number of different dudes, from “The Skater” to “The Stoner,” “The Businessman” to “The Pool Boy,” and every “Boy Next Door” and “Boyfriend” in between. If you want to fall asleep reading how HuffPo thinks this is some scientific statement about and “male gaze,” or how Jezebel thinks this is about “female desire,” go ahead and click those links.

If you’re just here for the dick, scroll down or check out the full series over at Vice.


The Hunter


The Skater


The Basketball Player


The Artist


The Boyfriend


The Student