Take A Joyride With RuPaul And John Waters

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 4.30.23 PMRuPaul Drives is a YouTube series that delivers exactly what it sounds like: RuPaul driving a car with a guest. Simple as that.

Well here’s the John Waters edition. The two are incredibly intelligent, funny and charming as they roam the surface streets of Los Angeles. Since we weren’t invited to sit in the back seat (maybe next time??), this adorable interview will more than suffice.

They talk everything from hitchhiking to gay culture to film, and the one liners don’t stop zinging.

Here are some highlights:

John on his target audience:

“Minorities that don’t even fit in with their minority. They can’t even get along with their fellow lunatics. That’s my core audience. People in prison with a sense of humor.”

RuPaul on the meaning of life:

“When you understand life’s twisted hoax, you then go ‘Oh! Okay, now we can have some fun.'”

John on fitting in:

“Now everybody wants to be an outsider…you and I, we should be insiders – that’s more perverted.”

John on going after your dream:

“A no is free. It doesn’t cost you anything to ask for what you want.”

Here’s the full interview: