Political Aide Attacks Tammy Baldwin For Dancing At A Gay Pride Rally

A member of Tommy Thompson’s campaign team sent out a mass email and  tweet on Wednesday ridiculing Thompson’s openly lesbian opponent for Senate, Tammy Baldwin, for getting down with her bad self at a Wisconsin Capital Pride Rally in 2010.

Brian Nemoir, the former Wisconsin governor’s political director wrote in his email:

Yesterday, Madison-Liberal Tammy Baldwin cited “heartland values” as the topic for her primetime speech to the DNC tomorrow night.

Clearly, there’s no one better positioned to talk “heartland values” than Tammy.

That was followed by a link to the video below along with the closer, “A primer of her values—note event, and enjoy.”

Nemoir claimed he sent the email in an unofficial capacity though he used his official campaign email address and signed with his official campaign email signature. The former political director has since made his Twitter profile private, thus depriving everyone of harassing him for harassing Baldwin.

Later, when asked if he regretted sending the video, Nemoir met the question head-on…with a mirror so he could more effectively deflect attention from himself:

“I think there are issues in this race that are extremely significant that will be generated on a day-to-day basis, and I look forward to coverage of those issues…There are no shortages of issues to talk about in this campaign. That’s really what we should be talking about.”

That’s some great advice that hopefully Nemoir will follow in the future. Meanwhile, getting back to the real matter at hand, Tammy Baldwin can move, y’all. Go head, squirrelfriend!

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  • Cam

    I love the coded language that the GOP uses to TRY to hide bigotry.

    Gee, she doesn’t have “Heartland Values”. Really? Iowa has gay marriage, they seem pretty “Heartland” to me.

    Apparently he would have attacked abolitionists for not having good Confederate Values.

  • Neo

    These people and their actual moral values. The GOP absolutely hates those because they have a lot less than none and suck like leeches the morals and values out of every conservative.

  • jwrappaport

    @Cam: Agreed – I love how the treadmill of cultural euphemisms has turned again to accommodate bigots in our relatively more tolerant times. Gotta love how versatile a tool language is. Values, family, morals, traditional – I’m starting to loathe these words. The media needs to call them out for what they are: code for “fags and dykes are icky and should be further marginalized on the basis of my mythical beliefs.” It’s impossible to have an honest conversation with these Newspeakers. They’ve reframed gay rights discourse because they realize on some level how untenable their position is: “We don’t hate gay marriage, we just support traditional marriage.” I don’t even know how to respond to such a nonsensical proposition.

  • rand503

    IT’s our job to call them out when they use words like values, morals and such. These are code words and we all know what they are about. When you call them out on it, they quickly scurry away.

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