Tammy Lynn Michaels To Ex Melissa Etheridge: $23K A Month Is Not Enough!

Former Popular star Tammy Lynn Michaels is telling ex-partner Melissa Etheridge (right) to come to her window—with a bunch more cash in spousal support.

TMZ dug up recently filed court papers in which Michaels states that Etheridge makes nearly $200,000 a month, so the $23,000  she gives her is just paltry.

According to TMZ:

Tammy, a former actress, also claims she has “virtually no savings” and would need “extensive retraining” if she were to rejoin the workforce.  Tammy claims Melissa is also brainwashing the kids—training them to be emotionally distant and rude to Tammy—and now they won’t even give her a hug.Tammy also accuses Melissa of cursing around the children—including one instance, when she told Tammy to “get the fuck off my back” in front of the kids. According to Tammy, Melissa also refuses to let the kids get vaccinated.

The couple met in 2003 and separated in April 2010 in a bitter split. Etheridge is currently dating Nurse Jackie creator Linda Wallem.

Source: TMZ  via SheWired



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  • QJ201

    Etheridge is a playa. Two lesbian baby mamas, working on a third.

    Anyway, yo Tammy, 23K will pay for 4 years of instate tuition at a public university. Just saying.

  • SteveC

    Etheridge really seems like a nasty person.

    Although 23,000 a month is MORE than enough I think.

  • Bi-Coastal

    And you guys WANT marriage? If so, you’d better hope you’re not on the money-making end of the relationship, like Etheridge, or it’ll cost, cost, cost you.

  • Alex

    Alimony is not meant to serve as income, or replace a job, and I don’t think you should expect the same standard of living after a divorce if *you weren’t the one making the money*. It’s meant as temporary support to assist you while you’re becoming self sufficient… Tell me why you need more than 240K a year for that.

  • ousslander

    loved popular but anyway Etheridge seems like such a dog. two baby mama’s and third most likely on the way.

  • The Realist

    Tammy Lynn is and always will be an idiot, But “besties” Melissa and Martina should not be considered as LGBT roll models or advocates. Both’s exes contributed to their spouses suscess and Melissa’s exes pushed out off-spring to boot. Melissa is the worst offender, by far.

  • Spike

    Lesbians…. enuf said.

  • redcarpet

    23 grand a month?! Try living on 1500 a month lady, like most of the rest of the country. If you can’t afford a house in LA then move. God forbid she shop at Macey’s and Target or something. 23 grand should be more than enough to raise several kids VERY comfortably with enough left over for savings.

    Her only valid argument would be that she’s entitled to an equitble percentage of melissa’s income. The woe is me crap doesn’t fly.

  • Tom

    @The Realist: not to mention helped her when she was going through cancer. I’m better now, bye!

  • The Realist

    @Tom: How could i forget that?

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