Tear Gas Disperses Anti-Gay Protest In Senegal

Things are really heating up in Senegal, where police dispersed a crowd of homophobic protesters earlier today. The uprising came in response to the recent arrest and subsequent release of six men accused of holding a “gay wedding”. Infuriated by the so-called injustice, dozens of rabble-rousers met at a Mosque to cause a bit of chaos:

“We want homosexuals to be wiped out in this country. We will continue to fight for Senegal to become a Muslim nation,” said Cheikh Tidiane Ndiaye, a fisheries agent among the stone-throwing demonstrators around the Grande Mosquee de Dakar.

“This practice does not conform to the religion practiced in our country,” he said, dressed in traditional blue robes and a white skull cap, as police fired tear gas behind him.

Piles of rubbish were set ablaze in several blocks around the mosque and groups of youths shouting “We don’t want homosexuals” barricaded roads.

Police originally attempted to ban the march, but were unsuccessful – until they got the tear gas, of course. Works like a charm!