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Ted Cruz just proved there’s no lie too shameless to tell and the Internet just can’t with him

Ted Cruz appears to be very confused about the definition of violence.

On Sunday, the anti-LGBTQ senator appeared on Fox News and condemned the peaceful pro-choice protesters gathered outside the homes of Supreme Court justices for “embracing mob violence.”

The weekend protests came following the leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito that signal’s the Court’s intention to overturn Roe vs Wade. Pro-choice demonstrators gathered outside the homes of Justice Bret Kavanaugh and Chief Justice John Roberts to voice their opposition. There were no reports of violence.

“Now they’re embracing mob violence to get their partisan outcome,” Ted Cruz said of the peaceful demonstrators.

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But as many a Twitter commenter has pointed out, when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell referred to the Jan. 6 attack as a “violent insurrection,” Cruz said he strongly disagreed.

Cruz has demonstrated he’ll say just about anything if he thinks it’ll help him politically. He knows there was no “mob violence” on display at pro-choice protests, just like he at one point called Jan. 6 a “violent terrorist attack,” only to reverse course under party pressure.

Here’s how Cruz’s comments are playing out: