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Ted Cruz and Madison Cawthorn really don’t want you to see these embarrassing videos of them

Washington D.C. student Noah Mitchell caught up with both Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Madison Cawthorn at the Capitol this week where he got a chance to ask them about their vacations.

Mitchell approached Cruz for a selfie. The antigay senator, who loves having his picture taken, happily agreed. But unbeknownst to him, Mitchell was actually recording a video.

As Cruz smiled dumbly for the camera without a mask, the political science student asked, “How was Cancún, Senator? It was good?”

Realizing he was being trolled, the smile on Cruz’s face quickly faded. “Take care,” he said before hurrying away.

The video, posted yesterday, has received almost 450K views and over 30K likes on Twitter.

About 10 minutes later, Mitchell ran into Cawthorn and again asked for a selfie.

“How was visiting Hitler’s house?” he asked the 25-year-old Nazi enthusiast, who was too busy smiling for the camera to hear the question. So Mitchell repeated, “Did you go to Hitler’s house?”

“Nope, didn’t go there,” Cawthorn replied before patting Mitchell on the shoulder and taking off.

Mitchell then asked about the infamous photo Cawthorn took at the Eagle’s Nest and that he posted to Instagram.

“That, I believe, was the retreat,” the young lawmaker clarified.

Because that’s so much better.

So far, the video has received almost 600K views and over 20K likes on Twitter.

Later, Mitchell shared Cawthorn’s Instagram posts from the Eagle’s Nest, writing, “We have receipts @CawthornforNC. ‘Bucket list,’ really?”

Graham Gremore is the Features Editor and a Staff Writer at Queerty. Follow him on Twitter @grahamgremore.