Fallen Pastor Has A Long Shadow

Ted Haggard Pic Up In New Life Shooter’s House

Things are getting queer in the Colorado church massacre mystery. Not only did shooter Matthew Murray wrote about Ted Haggard in ominous online rants, but the disgraced pastor reportedly had a presence in Murray’s home:

Among the items taken from a search of gunman Matthew Murray’s home was a picture of former New Life pastor Ted Haggard, according to police documents released Wednesday.

[Murray wrote] that Haggard was his mother’s favorite pastor and in a post about four hours before the shootings at New Life, he wrote that Christianity to him was “hate, abuse (sexual, physical, psychological, and emotional), hypocrisy, and lies.”

We can’t say Haggard personally had anything to do with the sexually “deviant” Murray’s mental problems, but his centrality in this horrible situation definitely says something: the repressive Evangelicals are destroying their tribe. But maybe we’re just reading too much into this…