Ted Haggard’s New “Manly Ministry”

Ted Haggard wrote this letter to “faithful supporters” in which he celebrates his new ministry: “Manly Men Ministries”. Can this shit be for real? Of course not, but it’s hilarious!

…Today I am proud to announce the launch of Manly Man Ministries!

Larry and I are going to be traveling the country holding seminars on how to be a manly man. It’s so important that the young boys in our churches have a good example of how a Christian man is a manly man. A rough-and-tumble role role-model. They need someone they can look up to and respect. A Marlborough Man, minus the cigarettes.

We are raising wimps and sissies in our churches, and then wonder why the world is going to Hell in a hand basket.

God bless the men of this country.