Ted TV: Disgraced Preacher’s Awful Life to be HBO Documentary

Disgraced closet-case preacher Ted Haggard is back in the spotlight with a new HBO documentary that retells the events that led up to his 2006 resignation from Colorado Springs New Life Church. The Trials of Ted Haggard, directed by Nancy Pelosi‘s daughter, Alexandra also follows Rev. Ted’s life since. It’s a sad picture. Haggard went to therapy to cure his homosexuality, but says he still struggles with his sexuality and while his wife has stayed with him, the fact that she’s saying things like “I know to restore the honor to our children is to help restore honor to their father” is a pretty good indicator she’s not staying out of love. Haggard works as a self-describe “unsuccessful” insurance salesman now and says, “At this stage in my life, I am a loser.” Get a heaping spoonful of schadenfreude after the jump.