Fashion Backwards

Teen Homophobes Wear Hideous Antigay T-Shirts On Pro-Gay School Day


Two teen homophobes tried to ruin Oregon City High School students’ participation in last week’s Day Of Silence by wearing antigay T-shirts.

We’re still trying to figure out if we’re more offended by the message of the T-shirts or the serious lack of design skills that went into them.

According to GayStarNews, school administration and other students clearly chose the former, as the students were forced to remove the shirts or turn them inside out.

Clearly raised on a homophobic diet of Sarah Palin and Fox News, one of the students somehow managed to make himself into the victim, then whined about his plight to local news station KATU.

“I’m not comfortable with you guys making a whole day about what you believe, so if you’re going to make a whole day out of it and not talk and a have a ‘moment of silence,’ then I can wear my t-shirt.”

Many students also spoke out to KATU in support of the Day Of Silence, which went on without further incident

No photos of the teens have been released to protect the young and stupid.