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Texan mess Greg Abbott is getting lit up online for his latest bout of hypocrisy

Texas Governor Greg Abbott.
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Somebody might need to get Greg Abbott a mirror to look into — though it may crack on arrival.

This week, Texas’ transphobic mess-in-chief made a huge show for Human Trafficking Prevention Month, wearing blue, giving a speech, and publishing a lengthy, grandiose letter addressing it.

In it, he writes, “Human trafficking stands as an affront to human dignity, and tragically, it lurks beneath the surface of modern America, mocking the very notions of liberty and justice. Ours can never be a truly free and just society so long as human trafficking endures, and we must therefore go to any lengths necessary to purge this vice from our nation.”

He goes on to pat himself and his administration on the back for various task forces and initiatives:

And you know what? He’s absolutely right. When he calls to “bring traffickers to justice”, he couldn’t be more correct. This point is leaving many to wonder when he’ll be brought to justice for trafficking legal asylum-seekers and busing them out of state.

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His latest trafficking move saw his administration trafficking hundreds of migrant people into freezing cold Washington D.C. on Christmas Eve at the end of last year.

He was fiercely and publicly criticized for the cruel move:

With this heartless event transpiring just a couple weeks ago, you can imagine people’s incredulity at Abbott pretending to come out and take big swings at human trafficking.

His finger-pointing is just revealing all the fingers pointing back at him:

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The cognitive dissonance between the right’s overwrought Pizzagate™-y perception of human trafficking versus the actual practice of displacing, disrupting, and separating vulnerable families is astounding. Hopefully the cognitive power to process it comes along soon.

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