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Texas Pastor Randy Scott Arrested After Posing As Teen To Meet Guy On Craigslist For Sex

Pastor George Randall “Randy” Scott, of the Bethel Temple Assembly Of God Church in Bryan, Texas, was arrested after returning from a trip to Sweden with his wife on for allegedly pretending to be a teenager online to meet other guys and then blackmailing them into having sex. Good lord.

[flv:http://media.queerty.net/pastorrandyscott.mp4 https://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs-null/2010/08/randyscott03.jpg 350 220]

The allegations arrived when a victim told police he had been lured into having sex with Scott in November after meeting him on Craiglist. The two exchanged emails — some sent from church computers — before he agreed to meet Scott, who was still posing as a 16- or 17-year-old. (He is 51.) And when Scott showed up at the victim’s house? And, you know, revealed himself to be some old dude and not the adolescent he claimed to be online? Scott said he was the step-father of the boy, who had all of “the boy’s” emails forwarded to him, and allegedly threatened the victim with calling the police unless he sexually pleasured Scott.

Chris Hansen was nowhere to be found.

Scott, who resigned after his arrest and leaves the church after 20 years, is charged with burglary of a habitation with intent to commit an assault — a second-degree felony that carries a sentence up to 20 years in prison. He told police he’s done similar things with 10 others. Something tells me that might be a low-ball estimate.


[Ed: The original item incorrectly stated Scott was going after underage boys, and not adult men, based on a since-corrected secondary report. We’ve corrected the post and regret any confusion.]