Thank Your Chocolate Stars! Antoine Dodson Is Back!

America’s favorite ghetto superstar, Antoine Dodson is back on YouTube showing his secksy dance moves to Rihanna’s “Skin.” And you thought that that “Bed Intruder” was his cultural zenith? As Dodson would say, “You are so dumb. You are really dumb.” He’s freakin’ everybody up in here.

Via D-Listed

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  • Nick

    Ewww… Big ass nipples…

  • Manny

    This sissy queen just need to go away

  • Jonathan

    wtf is up with this headline?!!!

  • Tanner Vale

    I guess he’s broke again.

  • BT

    Did you see the size of that crack nail at the end of the vid when he moves the camera? lol

  • mattsy

    are those pepperoni slices or nipples on him?

  • cholcolate star fish

    Hey Queerty… Kiss it!!

  • catsura

    Good Gawd, Davey Wavey is on his way to live in Europe and we get this as a replacement of wanna be gay men….EWWWW and those nipples…WTF?!

  • Yul Brynner

    Those nipples are HOT – the big ones are the best ones.

    The rest of him, not so much, though.

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