back stabbed

The Completely Not Gay Dance Between These 2 Twinks

Adam Shankman’s on-air mock proposal to Nigel Lythgoe wasn’t the only thing gay about last night’s So You Think You Can Dance. Alum Neil Haskell, who is straight but has no problem with you thinking otherwise, appeared on stage to dance with current contestant Kent Boyd, whose might also play for our team. It was not romantic at all!

Kidding. As AfterElton transcribes, the pairs explanation of the choreography went like this:

Travis: The story’s about two guys who are… best friends…

Neil: …we’ve grown together. We’ve really built this friendship together. You know, we’ve played baseball together.

Kent:… I learned that Neil wasn’t the friend that I thought he was.

Neil: Were at the point in our friendship right now where I need to move on, and even if it does hurt Kent I just really need to move forward.

Kent… He’s never there for me. He did something really mean to me and just stabbed me in the back.

Well, you judge for yourselves about whatever, ahem, bromance is going on in this dance.

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