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The Completely Not Gay Dance Between These 2 Twinks

Adam Shankman’s on-air mock proposal to Nigel Lythgoe wasn’t the only thing gay about last night’s So You Think You Can Dance. Alum Neil Haskell, who is straight but has no problem with you thinking otherwise, appeared on stage to dance with current contestant Kent Boyd, whose might also play for our team. It was not romantic at all!

Kidding. As AfterElton transcribes, the pairs explanation of the choreography went like this:

Travis: The story’s about two guys who are… best friends…

Neil: …we’ve grown together. We’ve really built this friendship together. You know, we’ve played baseball together.

Kent:… I learned that Neil wasn’t the friend that I thought he was.

Neil: Were at the point in our friendship right now where I need to move on, and even if it does hurt Kent I just really need to move forward.

Kent… He’s never there for me. He did something really mean to me and just stabbed me in the back.

Well, you judge for yourselves about whatever, ahem, bromance is going on in this dance.

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  • Jon B

    That was beautiful.

  • Cam

    Let me guess, the dance was origionally coreographed as a break up, but Nigel Lythgo freaked out and had them change it to “A friendship ending” The homophobic, desicated, old turd.

  • Toby

    I would love to be the meat in that man sandwich.

  • James Davis

    I don’t think Neil plays for our team (but I’d love to be wrong about that). This was beautiful, and of course screamed bitter end to two lovers relationship.


  • alejandro

    this almost brought me to tears.
    what a beautiful friendship

  • Tallskin

    Cute, but maybe reminds me of my adolescence a little too much!

  • Brandon H

    Oh please, just fuck already.

  • EdWoody

    Neil Haskell is not the gay one. You’re mixing him up with Travis Wall.

  • Hilarious

    All I know is those jeans were magical. So tight and don’t rip or restrict while spinning and kicking. Wow!

    I was too busy staring at their asses to pay attention to the dancing to be honest.


    @Cam: Up until this year, I was in total agreement with ya. Nigel always seemed to get his so very proper panties all bunched up real tight when the poofs were on stage. But he was a pretty strong supporter of Billy Bell this year who showed just how homophobic America is by voting the dancer who every single dancer said was possibly the best dancer out of every season connsistently into the bottom 3……

    Sorry Queerts, Neil unfortunately lives with his long time girlfriend…….Kent however I think there may be some homohope for……. :-p

  • jason

    Not every male-male interaction is sexual in its motivation. There are tons of men who are perfectly capable of touching each other without wanting to fuck each other.

  • Hilarious

    @jason: I think the point was that the story of the dance was clearly about a relationship beyond “friendship”. That really has nothing to do with the sexuality of the dancers, though the saying “She doth protest too much.” comes to mind with all the “best friends” nonsense.

    It’s really just a discussion about the changes to the description of the dance. At least that’s what I took from it.

    I was still way too busy staring below the waists to care if the guys were gay or not.

  • Billy

    Very talented guys. The one in the white shirt such a cutie too ;)

  • alan brickman

    much better than those two gays who couldn’t dance….

  • WalkderDC


    @Cam: Up until this year, I was in total agreement with ya. Nigel always seemed to get his so very proper panties all bunched up real tight when the poofs were on stage. But he was a pretty strong supporter of Billy Bell this year”

    Remember, Nigel was consistently attacking Billy early on. Saying he had no chemestry with the female dancers, or that he only had a “Friend” chemnistry with them. He got slammed on the SYTYCD pages and then suddenly stopped attacking him in the later weeks.

  • Amy

    “All I know is those jeans were magical. So tight and don’t rip or restrict while spinning and kicking. Wow!”

    Uh, they’re called Jeggings. They have a jean look but are not real jeans.

    Oh, and about Nigel…he is as homophobe as ever. He NEVER seemed like a big supporter of Billy Bell to me…was at best pretty blase towards him. It was a big issue for Billy’s fans. Remember Nigel calling Billy out on not dancing that week?? That ain’t support honey…that’s sending the bus. Nigel doesn’t like the twee male dancers….never has. Billy prolly got in the top 11 cuz of Adam &/or Mia. If Billy had received more judge support, then he might not have been b3 all the time.

    The little girls love Kent. That’s why he’s so popular…plus he has all the judge support. That sure doesn’t hurt. Ever notice how they constantly play up Kent as straight? I don’t know if Kent is straight or not, but the show sure as hell wants the little girls to think so…

    I’m really sick of reality shows that pander to 12 year old girls.

  • Blake J

    I think it is so messed up that twelve year old girls are that “sexual” and then that they are also “homophobic” (for lack of a better world).

    It is one thing to think a guy is “hot” when you are twelve, but to discredit him and his talent because of his personal orientation is totally messed up!

    The USA is definitely the most ironic country in the world!

    Anyway, I thought the show was pandering to middle americans who are generally a bigoted group!

  • David

    @Blake J:

    I got dragged to a SYTYCD tour show last year. When you see the demographics of the audience, you can see the audience is “middle america.” They’re the same people you would see at a trashy Orlando hotel. Fat mothers with their 9-14 year old daughters. The little girls are so horny for boy meat, they’re literally screaming and crying for dancers that are a 12 on the Kinsey scale.

  • David

    It’s ironic that Nigel is a homophobe… he seems gayer the Quentin Crisp.

  • Jayel

    This dance was beautiful and it’s time we see MORE mainstream showacases of male relationships, male to male love and gay dynamics in arts. WE created arts, cinema, dance…we better be represented or take your business elsewhere.

  • Blake J


    The bigots are mixed with the over-sexualized tweenage girls, now that explains everything!

    The USA is definitely the most ironic country in the world!

    Because everything is acceptable except being gay, even though the entertainment industry (performance arts) is basically the gift of the gays (with a some straight anomalies)!

  • scottyhouston

    I have never seen so many catty, unsubstantited, homo remarks in my life! First off, I’m as gay as the next guy but the author of this page needs to check their facts. Neil Haskell is DEFINITELY not gay. He’s gay friendly obviously but has been quoted in more than one article with his girlfriend that he is straight as they come (and also an identical twin).

    Secondly, Travis Wall is an AMAZING choreographer and also gay. Neil and Kent were BEAUTIFULLY recreating the message that Travis was trying to convey through his piece (which they did amazingly well). It was a very masculine dance. But gays are so quick to think that it’s always a gay message. Honestly the first time I saw it, I thought it was just two longtime friends who very close at one time and then one stabbed the other one in the back. Nothing gay about that.

    And thirdly, Nigel Lythgoe is a really fair and very accepting guy. He is not homophobic in the least and has never said anything offensive on that show.

    I’ve watched every season of SYTYCD and I think this piece is probably in my top 5 pieces, maybe top 3. Gays, get over yourselves and appreciate what you’re seeing without trashing beauty.

  • prohomo

    @scottyhouston: Sorry, but how is it trashing the piece by seeing it as homoerotic? That’s a compliment, not an insult. It was beautiful

  • scottyhouston

    That wasn’t the overall tone of the review, nor some of the other comments that were made.

  • Sarah

    I am so loving reading this post and I’m cracking up over all the comments. My friend and I saw this live show in Detroit last night. Kent’s supposedly “STEAMY” dance with Lauren…meh. But Kent & Robert did this dance together, and both my friend and I were like “WOW, HOLY HOT”…we totally wanted to see them make out…btw, my friend and I are straight, female & married to men. Is that odd of us??

    I sometimes wonder about the dancer’s sexuality– not like it matters…like AT ALL…but I admit I’m always curious. I also hate how they try to create these faux hetero relationships for the dumb viewers. Who the fack cares? What do I care? Like I’d have a chance with Robert if he were straight anyway! ;)

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