The Final Countdown

So, today’s the day: the end of the Democratic party’s primary battle. And, if reality is an indication, Barack Obama‘s poised to be the nominee.

The Senator’s a mere 37 delegates away from clinching the nomination, and definitely got a big psychological push this morning when receiving an endorsement from Representative James Clyburn, the third-ranking Democrat on Capitol Hill. In addition, a number of undeclared Senators are reportedly going to back Obama this week.

Said Clyburn: “Senator Obama brings a new vision for our future and new voters to our cause. He has created levels of energy and excitement that I have not witnessed since the 1960’s.” The politico also stressed the potential for electoral change Obama could bring:

He will be able to dramatically change the electoral map for Democrats which will in turn expand our majorities here in Congress, and help elect more Democrats at the state and local levels. Furthermore, I believe that Senator Obama is the Democrat who can unite our people, help heal our nation’s wounds, improve our standing on the world stage, and steer our country in a new direction.

Realizing that his win could further divide the Democrats, Obama revealed yesterday that he had called rival Hillary Clinton to begin ironing things out: “…I told her that once the dust settled I was looking forward to meeting with her at a time and place of her choosing. The sooner we can bring the party together, the sooner we can focus on John McCain and taking back the White House.”

Meanwhile, Hillary’s may be focusing on wrapping up her campaign by preparing for a big speech in New York tonight and cutting staffers.