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The Florida Assistant Attorney General Who Told Bill McCollum Not to Hire George Alan Rekers

Assistant Attorney General Valerie Martin, who defended in court Florida’s right to ban gays from adopting in the case brought by Martin Gill, alerted her boss Bill McCollum, the attorney general, that she would “recommend NOT using” George Alan Rekers after she consulted with Arkansas officials about the “psychologist.” But McCollum went ahead and paid Rekers a hefty six-figure fee “against my strong cautions,” Martin wrote in an email. Just yesterday, McCollum was once against insisting the hiring of Rekers was the right thing to do. Ugh. If only there were a website where clients who have used Rekers services in the past could review him.[Herald Tribune]

Why Did Florida AG Bob McCullum Choose George Alan Rekers As An Expert Witness?

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    Simple Explanation: McCollum scumbag that he is, was pandering to the rightwing lunatics. Was probably a deal where by hiring that vile scumbag Reekers, McCollum would recieve the backing of the FRC……………Shows how disgusting these people truly are. Reekers was paid somewhere between $60,000 and $120,000 for his “expert testimony”. Which was dismissed by the Judge in the case as the rants of a biased unqualified ideolouge.
    Yet even after the Judge’s admonishment of Reekers and awarded custody of the 2 kids, McCollum refused to concede and appealed the Judge’s ruling……………

    It is very unfortunate that the majority of the Gay community simply has no idea how dangerous these lunatics like Bill McCollum truly are………

  • jeffree

    Can someone explain the title to me?


    @jeffree: The can’t matter whats understand you it??? :-p

  • B

    No. 1 · PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS wrote, “Was probably a deal where by hiring that vile scumbag Reekers, McCollum would recieve the backing of the FRC”

    … probably not – from what I’ve read, McCollum was simply having trouble finding anyone who would testify the way McCollum wanted and Rekers was one of the few who would do it.

    It is not necessary to hire someone like Rekers to get FRC backing – being sufficiently homophobic is in itself will do the trick.

  • Jack E. Jett

    Ditto Jeffree…………

    Not I understand to complete the process of thought thinking.[img]undefined[/img]


    @B: The Judge all but called Reekers a raving lunatic, he 100% discredited and discounted his entire testimony. McCollum should have cut his losses there, instead he insisted on kowtowing to the rightwing lunatics in his anti-Gay crusade bu filing an appeal……….

  • B

    No. 6 · PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS wrote, “@B: The Judge all but called Reekers a raving lunatic, he 100% discredited and discounted his entire testimony.”

    But that was why McCollum had to use Rekers – it isn’t easy
    to find a witness with any sort of credentials who is willing
    to sound like a raving lunatic in a professional setting. If
    you want to argue that the earth is flat and try to contact
    someone in a nearby university’s physics department to get a
    witness testifying on your behalf, don’t be surprised if he
    hangs up on you. That leaves you with someone who is a
    “Doctor of Thinkology” (the degree the incompetent wizard
    gave the scarecrow in a famous movie).

    A setting where someone is supposed to be funny can be a
    different story (I’ve seen Gilbert and Sullivan productions
    where some of the cast members were Nobel laureates), but a
    court of law is not one of those.

  • Bob R

    Despite all of this, the people of Florida will most likely elect McCollum governor. If they do, I hope they live to regret their vote as much as the citizens of New Jersey regret electing Christie.

  • jeffree

    Imagine a campaign ad against McCollum, in which voters learn who he trusted with $120,000 to testify in court with no real credentials. Superimposed with Rekers & rentboy in tow. [JoVan’s face blurred out to prevent recognition].
    Tagline “You paid for this man’s vacation to Europe, with rentboy in tow.”

    Floridians are fiscally conservative more so than religious. That McC wasted tax payers’ money may hurt him.

    Obviously i’m no ad writer, but i think McC’s true incompetence needs to be shown.

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