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The Fun Begins: 400,000 American Troops Start Weighing In On Homos’ Right to Serve Openly

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The much anticipated Pentagon questionnaire went out today to 200,000 active duty and 200,000 reserve American military personnel, so they can weigh in on whether they’re gonna get the heebie jeebies if one of their female comrades tapes a photo of her girlfriend next to her bunk.

There are over 100 questions — sent via email, so it’s “confidential,” hah– asking for soldiers to talk about their emotions and their feelings about repealing DADT. Questions about morale! Quitting! Showering! CNN’s Barbara Starr (above video) says the research firm Westat claims the 400,000 respondents will make for a statistically accurate sample size, which sounds about right.

Now everyone please remember to promptly respond to the survey, because America’s taxpayers just spent $4.4 million making it happen, and Pentagon leaders are dying to know what your wife and children think about the sexuality of your co-workers.