The Genius Milwaukee City Employee Who Used Her Work Email to Denounce a Facebook Friend’s Gay Marriage

People who send hate mail confuse me, because they seem to have a lot of extra time on their hands, and don’t they know there’s a new episode of Top Chef on? But people who send hate mail from personally identifiable accounts confuse me even more, because don’t they know what an anonymous Gmail account is for? And then there are people who send hate mail from their work email accounts, and they’re just sucking fupid.

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A Port of Milwaukee assistant, whose identity hasn’t been released, fired off an email to a Facebook acquaintance after learning he got gay married. She was not happy with him! So not only do we have a city employee using work resources to send mean messages, we have a city employee wasting time on Facebook while on the clock. No guarantee she’ll be fired, because wasn’t she really just expressing her personal beliefs?