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The HIV-Positive Escort Barebacking His Way Through Berlin

Berlin: Nazis, Berlin Wall, barebacking? Apparently it’s the home base for condom-free sexual adventures, earning it the nickname “Barelin” — and, for at least one poz barebacking escort, a few bucks in the process.

Well, this is one way of putting it, Vice:

Young gay men flock to the city dubbed “Barelin” from all over the place, looking for anonymous sex and the ultimate liberty to live out any cum-drenched dream that might have seemed impossible back home in their small town. Before the internet, they’d have thrown themselves into the vibrant scene around Nollendorfplatz or cruised the bars in Motzstrasse and tried their luck in any given backroom. Now, however, popular forums such as Barebackcity and Gayromeo have broken down all barriers of communication and the general “in for a penny, in for a pound” attitude of barebackers has created an ongoing no-rubber trend.

So let’s meet FFUCK4YOU, who “earns some cash on the side” by letting other HIV-positive men have sex with him without protection. He’s been HIV-positive “[s]ince 1999. I know who gave it to me. He didn’t know [he had it] at that time. It happened during a weekend session I had with my boyfriend back then. I got infected, my boyfriend didn’t.” Now he’s turn his status into a business, clearing 60 euros for an hour of his services, which include “[a]nal, fisting, some S&M. CBT [cock and ball torture]. Working the balls over. Pissing. Stuff like that. Some stuff is more expensive, but that’s discussed beforehand. Sometimes we do the whole night, or the whole weekend.”

But just try and get him to put on a rubber: FFUCK4YOU has always been having it bareback. “I always knew what I was getting myself into. Especially once I got my positive test result. I couldn’t really be with my boyfriend any more after that. I didn’t want to get him infected and told him so. He didn’t care and said I should go ahead, but I didn’t want that. So we broke up.”