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The Indian University Creating Specific Slots + Bathrooms For Transgender Students

American universities think they’re so progressive, actively recruiting queer high schoolers to their campuses. But they’ve got nothing on one Indian university letting students enroll as neither “male” nor “female,” but simply “transgender.”

Bangalore University, founded in 1886, is opening up its gender roles to include a third option for matriculating students. Not only that, BU is guaranteeing transgender enrollees seats: one in every 60 spots will be specifically held for trans students. And if a trans student doesn’t use it? The seat isn’t made available to anybody else. Moreover, while trans students will use the same classroom facilities as everybody else, the university is considering offering separate bathrooms for them.

And anybody who’s got a problem with it, and takes to “ragging” a trans student, will be shown the door: BU boasts a zero-tolerance policy.

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