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The Indian University Creating Specific Slots + Bathrooms For Transgender Students

American universities think they’re so progressive, actively recruiting queer high schoolers to their campuses. But they’ve got nothing on one Indian university letting students enroll as neither “male” nor “female,” but simply “transgender.”

Bangalore University, founded in 1886, is opening up its gender roles to include a third option for matriculating students. Not only that, BU is guaranteeing transgender enrollees seats: one in every 60 spots will be specifically held for trans students. And if a trans student doesn’t use it? The seat isn’t made available to anybody else. Moreover, while trans students will use the same classroom facilities as everybody else, the university is considering offering separate bathrooms for them.

And anybody who’s got a problem with it, and takes to “ragging” a trans student, will be shown the door: BU boasts a zero-tolerance policy.

[DNA India]

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  • wannabegay2

    thats bc in india being transgender is considered a “third gender” and its treated differently.

  • RJ

    I wonder how many LGBT citizens/allies throughout the world will receive this news. The West doesn’t understand much the concept of third gender as it is manifested in India… but from my perspective, segregation (even with the best intentions) is still segregation.

    I’d be more interested in BU’s statement on how they will respond to transgendered students using the facilities of the gender they identify as.

  • Sceth

    @RJ: Well, given that gender is cultural and not biological, it’s terribly likely that the Indian transgender kid would approve. [It’s also pretty sad that my browser isn’t recognizing transgender as a word.]

  • Phil

    Oh c’mon. We “segregate” bathrooms for men and women, and in an effort to not be culturally dense, if transgender people in India self-indentify as a third gender then let them use the the third bathroom option. We have family bathrooms in the US, and it’s not like anybody will find out (or maybe even care!) that a transgendered person is using the (wrong?) bathroom. There are toilet stalls.

  • Phil

    @Sceth: Oi are you using Firefox? Because transgendered is recognized as a word but not transgender. A lot of words are not recognized, it’s weird.

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