The Internet’s Strangest How-To Videos About Prostate Milking

Prostate massage, or prostate “milking,” is the act of stimulating the male prostate gland for sexual or medical purposes. Regular prostate massage can reduce the risk of prostatitis, as well as help increase seminal fluid and circulation, among other things.

There is no shortage of explicit videos about the topic on websites like XTube or PornMD, which we encourage you to explore for yourself. YouTube also has a fair share of family friendly prostate massage videos, many of which tend to be rather strange and, at times, terrifying.

Scroll down to see some of the weirdest prostate massage videos we could find… if you dare.

“So where do you find a man’s prostate?” pleasure coach Bob Patrick casually narrates. “Look in the refrigerator!”

Bizarre water bottle analogies aside, this video is actually kind of informative. Although we could do without the enema demonstration at the end.

Self-proclaimed “professional prostate massage therapist” Jonah Sterling demonstrates the ideal positioning for prostate massage using a miniature latex butt.

In our opinion, Michelle is waaaay too excited to talk about prostate massage in her video titled “Please Let Me Teach You About Prostate Milking!”

Okay, this video is just creepy. The computerized woman’s voice repeatedly using the word “milk” as a verb has us wanting a Silkwood shower stat.

In case you aren’t terrified enough already, check out this 43-second CGI prostate massage horror movie complete with ominous lighting and dark, impending music. This one may actually give us nightmares.

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  • Jonty Coppersmith

    So very clearly meant for straight men!

  • crowebobby

    As an elderly gay man with mild prostate problems (no cancer), I have to say it hurts when I get my yearly digital exam from my urologist. I’ve done my share of getting fucked in the past, but it was never my favorite trick. Wish I could believe these claims of great plesure from prostate milking, but past experience makes me afraid to even try it.

  • viveutvivas

    I think this is basically what happens when you “fuck the cum out of someone.”

  • Mezaien

    Ass fucking, or Prostate, fucking is for straight men who don`t want their waifs to know they get fucked.

  • bottom72

    It does feel amazing it is nice to see straight men accept their body and the pleasure it provides.

  • hototheyo

    Thanks for the stupid article…idiot. The last video is dead – remove this article from the Internet.

  • m4mspiritlife

    I haven’t had a chance to look at the vids yet. BUT as a Gay man who has been a top and bottom… I love being both… but I definitely am an oral man, and I love having my prostate fucked, milked, massaged, whatever you want to call it and I am NOT the slightest bit straight, even the smallest, or shortest view of a vagina makes me sick… I don’t mind breast on a woman because I am a MALE PEC, Areola, and NIPPLE fanatic… love to suck them massage them, bite them and play with them/as well as have that done to me—again the oral thing I could lick every inch of a HOT man’s body and find pleasure there… and I definitely get pleasure from a hot man’s tongue on my body…. guys, PLEASE, don’t knock something you haven’t tried, and don’t say it is a gay thing or a straight thing, just because it isn’t your thing. I have had benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH-enlarged prostate) almost my entire adult life, every since I was about 24 years old… and getting my prostate massaged is a Great relief and feels awesome… there was a time when I developed anal/rectal cancer around 27 years old due to botched hemorrhoid surgery and HPV and the botched surgery and the resulting pain and the eventual surgeries treatment that were required to removed the localized cancer, Carcinoma in-situ that made it impossible for me to bottom–Thank God, the Colon Rectal Surgeon got rid of the cancer with the help of God, MY Awesome Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, and I can once again bottom with great pleasure just as I can top. It has been a strange life because guys have always assumed I was a top because of the size of my penis and how hard it got, and assumed or wished I was a bottom because of how rock solid a bubble butt I was blessed with… I had the best of both worlds… however, being extremely picky and going through 15 years of ex-gay ministries… the majority of late teens and early twenties kept me from really getting to enjoy sex with another adult male… I had lots of oral sex prior to being told it was a sin when I was 15… so unfortunately, it took a while to get through that religious abuse and baggage… but once I did, I found I had a really open my mind and I loved trying almost anything at least once.. and I enjoyed most everything… I wouldn’t want to do some of it on a regular basis and I would not want to be the recipient of some of the things–i.e., I did insert my fist and forearm into several guys but I did not and would not every want to be fisted (I think that would make me exclusively a fisting top–but after learning of it’s long term potential risks to the bottom, I have not continued this practice out of a personal decision to do no harm)… HOWEVER, back to the subject at hand… may I suggest, if you haven’t tried prostate massages, milking–looking on amazon at some of the legitimate books, ebooks, kindle books, videos and toys–at there are quite a few specifically for gays–to assist you… discuss with your urologists or your physician–hopefully you have at least one who is gay-friendly or if like me a gay one–I have a gay primary care, but I miss my gay urologists, I hope in my next life I marry a gay urologists and I am of course gay as well. I feel it is very important to give full disclosure to your docs when you are gay so that the docs can make the right diagnosis and order the right tests… AND PLEASE Queerty, since I have not seen these videos yet… if they are not good or are for a str8 audience… please consider replacing them… with a REAL story on this subject by a gay or a gay-friendly UROLOGIST and maybe even include comments from a Colon Rectal Surgeon… I would be happy to do such a story if requested. I am a semi-retired freelance writer and lecturer and consultant… but I think most importantly… when giving good information that has very helpful potential that it be factual, be as appealing, and meet the target audience as well as possible… and Guys… whatever you do… if you have hemorrhoids do not go to a general surgeon or proctologist, GO TO A BOARD CERTIFIED Colon Rectal Surgeon…. and IF YOU are ever told you have an enlarged prostate or have painful urination or urgency in needing to urinate… PLEASE follow up with a full prostate, Urinary tract, bladder exam by a BOARD CERTIFIED Urologists, and if he/she FEELS appropriate or if you FEEL it is appropriate, THIS HAS been an ongoing problem and no one will take you serious… ASK FOR A PSA blood test and further tests to rule out early signs of Prostate Cancer or actual Prostate or Testicular Cancer or Bladder Cancer… DON’T every let a doctor tell you that you are too young for the or some other excuse that applies to generalities or statics… but make sure you keep asking even if you have to go to multiple doctors if YOU HAVE A PROBLEM or what appears abnormal situation going on with YOUR body, especially your jewels… WE are individuals… NOT a statistic. Blessings of love, joy, peace and health, Jerry

  • m4mspiritlife

    @cooldudesea: I loved this video clip from Road Trip, with Seann William Scott. Seann Willian Scott is so freaking hot, in a funny, quirky sort of way, one of those guys who would probably be bisexual or at least game for a good time at sex with a guy, girl or multiple.. Unfortunately I didn’t see the movie but I did see this clip today when doing some checking on the above videos and some others out there that I hadn’t seen–he is funny, over the top but he makes getting milking–although the nurse goes way over the top rough, at least not what a med professional would do for a prostate milking… but he makes it look as hot, pleasurable and surprisingly enjoyable as it is… I imagine many who felt this way the first time they got milked… if he could pump out that much milk from a prostate milking… I would love to milk him any time… Thanks for sharing… as I said, I saw it just about an hour earlier than, I noticed you had posted it… but I encourage others to watch it for fun, and for arousal…

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