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The Most Meaningless Bruno Cover Comes from a Gay Mag


Is Here Media only concerned this month with putting folks the gay community might hate on the covers of its magazines? First The Advocate dumped that “faggot” blogger on the front, and now Out has gone with Bruno. Unlike GQ, however, Bruno is fully dressed.

But just like GQ, the cover story (written by sexy gay Mo Rocca) is really just an excuse to take part in the movie’s marketing campaign. The interview is not with Sacha Baron Cohen, but Bruno.

We get it: Out is more fluffy entertainment (and shaving gel reviews) than serious journalism. We actually find ourselves reading the rag more ever since editor Aaron Hicklin revamped the mag into something glossier and more Details-y. And the opportunity to glob on to some predictable editorial stunt was too much to resist. (Or maybe Cohen’s camp refused a “serious” interview and Out didn’t want to lose out on access to the actor?)

Whatever. The Bruno media storm has reached its apex, and we’re only headed down from here on out. This cover hits in time for the film’s U.S. premiere, but at the time same feels, well, excruciatingly late. Bruno‘s media saturation has already become tiresome.

And since this is just an interview with a fictional character, and not its proprietors, we’re treated to marketing schlock and not anything close to a discourse on whether Bruno is good or bad for the gays.