Occupy Wall Street Needs More Maalox And Canned Tomatoes, STAT!

In case you didn’t know, everyone in the world attended the Occupy Wall Street protests this weekend—in Rome they even set an armored truck ablaze and killed the Virgin Mary. Hippy idealist Ian Awesome of One Angry Queer attended the protests in Seattle and provided a shopping list of items most needed by OWS protesters— surprisingly it did not include “more pizza.”

Here’s his list:

• Sleeping bags
• Water
• Extra large ziploc bags
• Maalox
• Blankets!
• Canned tomatoes
• Heavy socks!
• Eye wash
• Paper bowls
• Snack foods
• Hot water deliveries late at night
• Hand warmers
• Portal Power Source
• Sherpa 50 Adventure Kit (basically a solar power source)
• Charging equipment
• Deep Cycle Batteries

So if you wanna help out the OWS protestors—but don’t have time to leave your corporate job, put on warpaint and dance in a drum circle—maybe consider bringing some of the above goods to your local protest. Not only could you find a scruffy, Chomsky-loving boyfriend, but you might even help change the world (or at the very least quell someone’s irritable bowels with free Maalox).