The Only ATM In The World To Offer “Free Erections”

stream_imgThere are marketing campaigns, and then there’s this.

ATM users in the town of Aberystwyth, Wales were offered quite the takeaway when they went to withdrawal cash at a Tesco machine.

Right there in bold letters above the machine, the promise couldn’t have been more clear — “Free erection.”

You’re never going to find a better deal than that. We were about to hop on a plane (don’t judge, it’s been a dry spell) until the truth came out.

The error is attributed to a faulty translation (or a cheeky translator?). The correct phrase — “codi arian am ddim” — means “free cash withdrawals,” while the phase on the ATM — “Codiad am Ddim” — means so, so much more.

And Tesco is on a roll. Just this week, a shopper snapped the following photo of a carton of buttermilk:


Nothing erect about this, but then that’s not really the issue, is it?