Miss California

The Pretty Bigot Who’s Dating a Drug User


Michael Phelps appears to have survived the public relations nightmares behind his drunk-driving arrest and his pot smoking photo scandal. But could his relationship with a certain bigoted Miss USA contestant ruin him?

Haha, silly, this isn’t FantastyLand. Celebrities are untouchable, remember?

Despite some casual canoodling between the Olympic champ and Miss California Carrie Prejean, you can expect just about zero damage to Phelps’ reputation here.

Prejean’s grandmother Jeanette Coppolla (is she also a gay rights activist?) says, “Carrie and Michael have been out to baseball games and lunch. He always calls her when he is in town and they go out. … Carrie knows that he has dated a lot of girls but she enjoys going out with him and isn’t serious about being in a relationship with him. He’s a nice guy and she likes him.”

But if they get along swimmingly, and become more serious, might there be some opposite marriage in their future?