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The Queerty Week in Comments: Mad at the HRC, Catholic Church Child Abuse, and Missing Oprah

It’s been a long week, and boy oh boy have Queerty commenters said a mouthful.

We are, of course, First Amendment enthusiasts, and we always love it when you speak your mind, whether serious or silly! Even when it prompts berating by your fellow commentators.

So every Friday we’ll be highlighting the most compelling, thought-provoking comments that came directly from you. Here’s this week’s:

I despise what HRC has just done! They’ve given Obama an excuse to sit on his hands and do nothing. On the other hand, look what 28% of gays did in 2010, they gave control of the House to the Republicans and now look where we are.

Robert in NYC blasts on Has The HRC Screwed Us By Endorsing Barack Obama A Year Before The Election?

It takes one to know one! …and what is Pope Rat hiding under those robes?

Otis Criblecoblis asks on Pope’s Advisor on Pedophilia Scandal Arrested for — Well, You’ll Never Guess What

She has never moved beyond the emotional level of the girl who took 3rd place in a beauty pageant. The embarrassing thing is that somebody with no other qualifications was able to fake her way into so many jobs.

Cam belittles on How Sarah Palin Used a Little Girl’s Lemonade Stand to Destroy Her Neighbor

The men pushed into the priesthood by fear, well, they’re partial victims in this scenario. They’re grown-ass men who should know better, but that doesn’t mean the environment of “ignore and it will go away, just be a priest” didn’t hurt them.

The Church needs to realize that this problem lies so much more with their stance on homosexuality, a stance with extremely poor scriptural backing, but centuries of social tradition. This study gives me hope that they’re getting closer to that realization.

Adam laments on Catholic Church-Funded Study Declares that Gay Priests Are the Cure for the Child Abuse Scandal, Not the Cause

I want to thank Oprah for her crass consumerism appeal based upon herself to the masses. Kwanzaa just wasn’t Kwanzaa without the family asking for one of the items on Oprah’s “Favorite Things” segment.

Let’s not forget Oprah exuding the New Age I-am-Mother-Earth-my-orgasm-speaks-like-the-ocean-mist. She taught me that one does not need religion when we can celebrate our narcissistic selves every freaking day.

Oprah, I will miss you for the great weave and fabulous slimming outfits during December when most are self-administering laxatives to get that great figure for Christmas.

Armand sings mock praises on Do The Gays Owe Oprah? Hmm… What Did She Ever Do For Us?

The “inviting someone who can’t vote to watch you cast your ballot” analogy is a pretty good one, but I can see both sides of the issue. The whole “sour grapes” aspect of refusing to attend FRIENDS’ weddings is pretty bad though.

I’m tempted to pretend to adopt it though, just so I don’t have to go to any more weddings! God those things are awful, and the closer you are to the couple the worse it is! Then it’s not just the “event,” it’s the parties thrown for the couple, the bachelor/bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner, and then you STILL have the friggin’ wedding! Ugh. And Bridezilla is NOT a myth in my experience. I’m sure some grooms are bad too, but JEEZ!

And you know what? As much I believe in and look forward to gay marriage, I am dreading gay WEDDINGS as much as I do straight ones. I hope gay people think first before making a production number out of the EVENT because that’s not what this is about, not what we’re fighting for. We’re fighting for all the mundane stuff that comes after, not so you get to do your “star turn” in front of a captive audience. And a few of my friends can make planning a dinner party sound like the landing at Normandy, so I shudder at the thought of them planning their wedding. A few of them have it in them to be a Groomzilla that would send even the worst brides running for cover. Stop. Think. Don’t!

Caliban lets it all out on Why Boycotting Straight Weddings Will Not Necessarily Lead to Marriage Equality

I see we’re ignoring Darren Criss’s Filipino heritage.

Jere points out on WATCH: Can You Name the Six Queers of Color on Network TV Right Now?

A little known fact is that Bush Jr.’s Texan dialect stumped all the Queen’s foreign language interpreters, so she was forced to rely on a voice-activated Google translator to communicate with him.

Jeffree enlightens on President Obama’s Awkward Toast to the Queen

It’s, sadly, a fact that we are insecure animals who exploit differences to make ourselves feel superior. The Neanderthals probably mocked the weakest in their group, “You’re so ugg-ugg-grunt”, “Why is your forehead so small?”, “Do you and your mate walk upright?”

David C theorizes on Is “That’s So Retarded” The New “That’s So Gay”?

Are they providing birth certificates to prove they are really Americans on All American Guys?

Danny demands to know on Can The Editors Of XY And A&F Quarterly Convince You To Buy Their 2 New Magazines?

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