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The Rainbow In Aaron Schock’s Christmas Card Is Just A Total Coincidence

The completely not gay RILF Rep. Aaron Schock, the Illinois Republican who took office this time two years ago, sent out this Christmas card to friends and family, featuring a photo of him in Afghanistan with a soldier from his district. As reader Dan notes, “It’s his own tribute to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, I suppose!” That rainbow that’s flying through the background? Like his White House picnic attire, this is not to be interpreted as a subtle hint.

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  • Jamie

    Yes, it is wonderful to live in America where we can kill tens of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans with impunity and pour five trillion dollars down the rathole… and blame the Democrats! Hooray!

  • jackieohboy

    I think it is really sad that we live in a country that people will vote for a candidate who is attractive over one who is qualified. Do you really think he would have become one of the youngest congressman if he were ugly?

  • ewe

    And he’s into chocolate too. I think i like this guy.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    Could not be gayer if he tried….
    He just hasn’t me the “right guy”, and boy will that guy get lucky.

  • MTiffany

    He voted against the repeal of DADT, so like most Republicans Schock is a nasty little bigot…

  • DR

    Ironic that a site devoted, in part, to trying to dispel gay stereotypes relies on them to slander a politician whose views it doesn’t agree with.


  • Rick Gold

    Aaron Schock is cute in the way that a puppy is cute.

    You should not, at least I don’t, want to have sex with either a dog or Congressman Schock.

    Now, newly elected Representative Adam Kinzinger is a man I could get down with.


  • Cam

    So he is trying to associate himself with the military, and yet, can’t even appear in a Christmas card with his long term boyfriend.

    Additionally he voted against DADT. What a sad conflicted, pathetic person he is.

    This is somebody the enquirer needs to go after and expose.

  • Jase

    um he took office this time TWO years ago, not last year. Yet again another WRONG article from JD

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