The Six Types Of Crazy Arguments Against Letting Gays In The Military

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Remember all those anti-gay blowhards who predicted that letting gays in the military would undermine troop morale, hurt national security and start an AIDS-filled string of shower rapes? Well Dr. Nathaniel Frank has published a report that classifies those whackadoodle predictions and provides the names of the nutjobs who uttered them.

His report, entitled “Accountability and DADT: A Framework for Assessing Predictions of Disruption Caused by Openly Gay Military Service,” sorts the anti-gay rhetoric surrounding the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” into the six sleazy types. The haters claimed that repealing DADT would:

1. Increase HIV/AIDS and Other Health Problems in the Military
2. Increase Sexual Assaults in the Military
3. Undermine Morale, Readiness and Unit cohesion
4. Harm Recruiting and Retention, Requiring a Return of the Draft
5. Increase Casualties
6. Hurt National Security and Threaten the American Way of Life

Frank then illustrates each type of claim with quotes straight from the peanut gallery. Here’s our favorite from Commanding Naval Officer, U.S.S. Arthur W. Radford in 1993: “[My crew is] repulsed by the prospect of having to shower in view of homosexual shipmates, as well as sleep no more than 2 feet from homosexuals.”

Haha! Are you sure that all your seamen were repulsed by gays, Commander Radford? The Craigslist M4M section during NYC Fleet Week begs to differ.

Via Think Progress

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