performance in peril

The Stupid Attempt to Get Lady Gaga to Cancel Her Arizona Concert

Oh great. Lady Gaga won’t just face the Westboro Baptist Church on her little concert tour, but a legion of Facebook boycotters who want to keep her out of the minority-hating Arizona.

“Lady GaGa, your little monsters ask you to join the Arizona boycott and cancel your concert in Phoenix on July 31,” reads the plea on Facebook, “liked” by users who have the middle name “Equality,” which, ugh. “There has been a boycott called for all Arizona business until hateful laws such as SB1070 are repealed. Governor Brewer recently passed a law making it legal for police enforcement to racially profile individuals based on the assumption that he/she/they are “illegal.” She has also dropped all ethnic studies programs, and teachers with accents can no longer teach english classes. Several musicians have pulled their events out of Arizona; and we, the LGBT community, and far extended beyond, have called on Lady Gaga to follow suit and respect this boycott.”

So the gay boys and girls in Arizona should be deprived of a night of Gaga because their lawmakers are tools? No. The Gaga putting on a concert there is instead an opportunity to raise more awareness about prejudicial laws of the land, from SB1070 to the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage.