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The Transgender 24-Year Navy Vet Who Can’t Attend VFW Events Unless She Wears Slacks

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Virginia Beach’s Ret. Petty Officer First Class Larry Bush is now living as Laura Rae Bush after the 44-year-old Navy veteran, who served for 24 years, began to live life as a woman. She revealed her gender struggle to peers at the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 392 — which promptly requested that she dress as a man at future functions.

For what it’s worth, the VFW doesn’t have an official dress code, but the post’s Commander Joseph Brady says he can make the demand since he’s in charge, which means forcing Bush to dress in pants, not skirts, to attend post events. Though “no one had questions for Bush during the meeting when he made the announcement, nor raised concerns, some members approached the post commander later. They found the news and the way in which Bush chose to present it jarring.”

Bush is married with kids and has filed paperwork for a legal name change.