The Video Of Damian Furtch’s NYC Gay Bashing

This is video of Damian Furtch getting gay bashed in New York City’s West Village. The early Sunday morning unprovoked attack, which took place outside a McDonald’s on Furth’s way home from work at Pink Tea Cup, and left him requiring stitches, black eyes, and a nose that needed to be re-broken to heal, remains unsolved: police have yet to identify the two suspects who called Furtch a “fucking faggot” before pummeling him. As you can see in the video, one man punches Furtch so hard he stumbles into Sixth Avenue traffic. Furtch, who’s working toward a dancing career, has admirably been very open about his attack. Now let’s see the NYPD approach the investigation with equal vigor.

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  • JusticeontheRocks

    That looks like your basic unprovoked assault to me.

    And for the people who troll on here and post foolishness about how gay people need to be loving and open and understanding of people who disagree with us, try and understand that it’s a little difficult to do that when the people who “disagree” so often express their opinions with physical violence.

    Enough of turning the other cheek. A few of these ass hats need their teeth knocked down their throats. Then we’ll see how brave they are.

  • disco lives

    All New Yorkers, gay and straight, need to get out of this post-Guiliani-era mindset that New York is as safe as Disney to walk around by yourself at 4 in the morning.

    I’ve seen people laughing and loudly talking about their new yacht purchase while walking past homeless people late at night…not what I call street-smart.

    It is much better then it was 20 years ago, but a feeling of complacency that nothing will happen to you will make you more vulnerable. Carry some mace if you have to people!

  • Gregory Gorman

    As someone who has lived 2 blocks from the site of this horrific attack for the greater part of 12 years, I hope that this incident in Greenwich Village is an anomaly. However, I have a sick feeling in my stomach that it is not. I have always felt so very safe in my adopted hometown and this kind of attack does so much to take away the security of our beloved New York City. I want to call for some kind of action but I am at a loss for the exact solution to this kind of violence and gay-bashing. If anyone has an idea of how to counter these kinds of criminals, please speak out now. We are strong, we are brave and we will all be there to listen.

  • Jurlesia

    I REALLY feel for the victim and pray for a speedy recovery and the apprehension of the perpetrators. In 2001 my friend and I was attacked and beaten by a group of 10+ men on Van Ness Ave in San Francisco, in a hateful and violent gay bashing. After calling the police, we spotted a police patrolling the street and after flagging him down and explaining what happened he said he wasn’t the officer that was being sent out and to wait on the corner for the other cops to show up. 10 minutes later the other cops show up, physically searched us, and told us there was nothing they could do for us. They didn’t even bother going into the Karaoke bar the men had come out of for surveillance video, receipts, whatever. I hope the national attention this story gets will ignite a match under the asses of the NYPD to actualy do something.

  • Joey

    @disco lives:
    Why the hell are you blaming the homeless? Have any of the gay bashings reported in the last six months been committed by homeless people, or just by homophobic thugs and bridge and tunnel kids?

  • The sane Francis

    In NYC, you’re really not safe in many places in the heart of the city. That’s just the sad reality. The 2 attackers seem like the typical thug type, “ghetto” (what they think ghetto is), disaffected, uneducated, angry, insular and insecure. Street thugs roam the streets in NYC, and if you are going out alone at 4:30 AM, you will be a target. It’s sad, but that is how it is until the streets are cleaned of this trash. Really the main thing it will take will be a city-wide imperative to halt crimes like this, starting with the citizens, to the community leaders, and of course the police. It’s not homeless committing these crimes, it’s street thugs, usually from other areas outside of where they commit these crimes. Positive outreach to these areas would be a good thing to do also.

    Please be aware at all times if you are out and about at night in a big city. If you can ride a taxi or walk with friends that is probably the best option.

  • Montezu

    I hope Furtch will be okay, but these out-of-towners (like Furtch) who move here, especially the gay ones, seem so dumb and naive about NY being dangerous. Especially in certain areas (like that part of the Village). Black and Latino gangsta types, especially, are quick to gay bash.

  • Montezu

    Joey : What in the world is a bridge and tunnel kid?

  • Montezu

    Gegory Gorman : You’re full of it. You’re not strong and you won’t do a thing about this attack for fear of being called a “racist.” Watch how quickly gay activists drop this case.

  • Zonk

    That’s because gay activists in NYC don’t care about gaybashings really. They’re only out for their own agendas. Andrew Towle, Andy Humm, and Andrew Belonsky would rather dance and prance outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral in protest (because they know no one will attack them) than protest something like this. Because their agenda is just to hate Catholics and Caucasians, not really to hate queerbashers.

  • Montezu

    Thanks, Joey. I really never heard that euphemism for “black/latino” before. It does sound kind of “wink wink” racist, but…oh well.


    I agree that the gay activists don’t care about the brutal bashings of gay men and only care about arguing over religion and things that do not affect the gays beaten and stabbed on the streets.

    If a blond man beat a gay he would be prosecuted and should be, but the queers who run the queer papers make excuses for anyone else who commits gay bashings if they do not fit the Nazi profile.

    These activists deserve no community grant money because they represent no one but themselves. They are an embarrassment and cause more gays to be hated and do nothing to stop attacks on gay men. They are flakes. I carry a protection now because I know no queer nor any cop is going to protect me or aid me or speak up for me.

  • Zonk

    Aryan Skinhead : That’s how I had to, sadly, discover things were. Through lots of experience in NYC, both in the gay ghetto and out of it. Part of it, though, is because I think guys who feel this need to move to NYC or another gay ghetto (unless it’s for something legitimate, like as an intern or law school or medical school) already have something…lacking…in the head.

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