The White House Hosts LGBT Health Summit But Still Avoids Committing To Marriage Equality

The White House has just concluded its first LGBT health summit, so you’d think President Obama might be ready to “evolve” a little bit more on gay marriage.

Or, you know, talk about it at least?

Nope! According to the Advocate, White House press secretary Jay Carney shot down questions from reporters about Washington State’s recent acceptance into the marriage-equality club—and also declined to comment on the matter of Governor Chris Christie‘s impending veto of same-sex marriage legislation in New Jersey.

Said Carney:

“I would say only broadly, as I have said in the past, without weighing into individual states and their actions, that this president strongly supports the notion that the states should be able to decide this issue, and he opposes actions that take away rights that have been established by those states.”

Yeah, yeah, “states’ rights.” But Nancy Pelosi is already talking about putting federal marriage equality on the national Democratic Party  platform. When are you going to step up to the plate, Barack?

Photo: Elizabeth Cromwell