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The Worst Thing About Prostitute-Loving George Alan Rekers? He’s Cheap

Sure, the preaching against homosexuality is pretty bad. And getting paid $87k to testify against gays’ right to adopt in Florida is reprehensible. But the worst character trait about George Alan Rekers’? He was a cheap john.

Normally accustomed to earning $300-500 a day for sex, escort Jo-Vanni Roman says Rekers was paying him merely 75 bucks a day during their 10-day Spain and Britain excursion. And that was for “complicated caressing” and luggage carrying. We know Craiglist “massage therapists” who earn twice that for an in-call!

“I was just trying to get through school,” he tells the Miami Herald. “I think I’m going to have drop my classes.” Oh Jo-Vanni, don’t do that. Staying in school is just about the smartest thing you can do right now. That, and write a book.