The Youth Issue: Petulant Rumblings

Eeks! We almost missed these pictures from our friend over at Petulant Rumblings. In case you can’t tell, yes, that’s the wee PR in a bread truck. He apparently grew up in the schticks (North Carolina) and had limited entertainment, parental guidance. Although, we must agree with the accompanying note:

Who can’t love a child playing in a truckload of bread with a donut in his hands? Good times!!

Yeah, the kid’s pretty cute, but doesn’t that donut look even more delicious?

If you look to the right, you’ll notice cleanliness apparently he’s been a filthy bugger since day one. Figures…

(PS: If you kids sent in your pics and we missed them, our most sincere apologies. Our next issue will involve some pictures, as well – so tune in Monday to see what we’re looking for…)

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