Theatergoers Covertly Videotaped Laughing at Gays On Screen

Gay Shark Tank, the short film from director Guy Shalem about queers meeting over a ChatRoulette-esque site, was created as a gift to his friend Jane Lynch, who took home Outfest’s Achievement Award. But it’s not just for Jane to enjoy — there are more screenings still available. Not sure if you’ll laugh? Then watch other people laugh at it first!

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  • L.

    Let me get my head round this then – people (who may or may not be gay) laugh at a (probably gay) movie (probably intended to be funny too) … and that makes them bad people?

    Maybe it was laughing *with*, not *at*?

  • RJ

    I agree with L. In watching this video, the theatergoers were laughing appropriately to what seemed like a very funny short movie. The movie portrayed many campy, funny, awesome people who were out to make others laugh and it looks like they succeeded.

    Whether they actors in the film were gay or straight is irrelevant. Funny is funny.

    So the “covertly video taped laughing at gays” title of this blog post seems rather… inaccurate. Shouldn’t it be more like “Theatergoers taped while really enjoying comedy film created by Guy Shalem”?

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