There’s No Escaping “Put a Ring On It” YouTube Star Shane Mercado

There is something deeply hopeful about the fact that we live in a world where a plucky gay boy can record his flawless performance of the choreography to Beyoncé’s “Put a Ring On it” video, put it up on YouTube and become a worldwide sensation. Shane Mercado’s gone from dancing in tights in his bedroom to performing live on the Bonnie Hunt Show (I know? When did she get a show? Weird) yesterday– to the wild applause of middle-aged housewives.

We all know guys like Shane Mercado, who are just not built to hide their fierceness, and now, thanks to the Internet, they can finally find an audience that appreciates– well, skinny white boy dancers who dance like black divas.

With Beyoncé about to drop her schizophrenic new album I Am… Sasha Fierce, she’d be a fool not to give at least one very dedicated– and very talented– fan, a moment on stage with his idol.