There’s Only One Word For This Picture…

Yesterday, we presented you with photographic evidence of what Sallie Toussaint refers to as Justin Timberlake’s “fairy” behavior. The picture proved to be one of the most horrific images in human history and guaranteed the viewer years of nightmares, flashbacks and the shake.

Today, we’re sharing an image so shocking, so utterly demented, it will scare you straight…

Someone get us a vagina! And, also, one word to describe this picture!!

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  • anon


  • Gregoire

    How old are you, six?

  • D. MacInnes


  • Chilly

    Dick pig!

  • Chris

    That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

  • Mr. Kuntz

    you’re such a “prig”

  • Mr. Kuntz

    Sorry Macinnes, did’nt see your entry already
    I’ll try again

  • Mr. Kuntz

    ok, here’s the other try..

    Dicheney or pigcheney oh, can’t decide

    does look like the VP though? no

  • Ash

    1. I’ve seen that picture before.
    2. It’s stupid.
    3. It’s immature.
    4. Grow up.

  • jon McCabe

    Massive Missle

  • beejay

    to the guys running the show at queerty:
    i am writing to stand behind gregoire and more importantly ash. your insistence on posting childish material is downright insulting! i must beg of you to never stoop to these levels again!! if we cannot count on you to bring us mature and enriching content, we will all be lost!!! please please please: dont let us down with horribly benign pictures of killer sausages.
    ps: ash, youre a doosh.

  • Addyboo

    Get over yourselves. I thought it was funny. I suppose you’ll say it’s because I’m a moron – but you don’t know me!

  • hugh

    also known as “That pig who thinks with his dick”

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