This way-hot pole-dancing routine will rock your world

Gentlemen, we’d like to acquaint you with Peter Holoda, self-professed pole artist. In his flesh-colored singlet, he doesn’t so much dance around that pole as seduce it with shock-and-awe tactics involving flag-back roles, extended frodos, leg locks, la roues, and… yeah, we’re totally cribbing these terms from a pole-dancing website because we’re phonies and we’re frauds and that’s that.

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But Holoda, as you’ll see, is the real deal. Would it be overstating it to say the artist, with his every air invert and table top, succeeds in making that pole his bitch? We’ll now back off and leave you with the jaw-dropping video footage, so you can be the judge. Get to it.

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Posted by Peter Holoda on Thursday, November 9, 2017