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Straight Man Caught On Camera Doing Random Strip Tease And Pole Dance In NYC Subway



The New York City subway is place where you can see anything, and probably will. You might spot your favorite celebrity, get serenaded by a 5-piece Mariachi band or even catch a full-blown flashmob.

But one thing you probably wouldn’t expect is a male strip tease.

But that’s what happened when Cosmopolitan‘s deputy news editor, Alex Rees, took the subway to work, at 1 p.m., no less. That’s one way to shake off the commuting stress.

A young man appeared and suddenly stripped down from a rather revealing uniform to a bird shaped thong. He did pole tricks and even writhed, his bubble backside revealed, on the floor of the train.

The plot thickens. When this intrepid Queerty writer saw the Cosmo article, my second thought was, That’s my friend Mark! So I asked actor/model/comedian turned stripper, Mark Hudson, what the hell he was doing. It turns out it was part of an upcoming comedy video about panhandlers: “You see those guys yelling ‘Showtime’ then doing random shows. So my friends Anthony Giordano and Geoff Gibson approached me about doing a different kind of ‘Showtime.’”

Photo by David Jar
Photo by David Jar

Apparently, there is more footage. The video will be release by a sketch production company called DTTComedy soon.

In the meantime catch a sneak peek below. Sadly, my friend Mark is not gay but you’d never know it from his pics. You can see even more of him on Instagram


stripper on the subway!!!!!!!!

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  • DCguy

    Another article with “straight guy” in the title??

  • DarkZephyr

    @DCguy: another complaint about another article with “straight guy” in the title??

    Frankly, I find this story interesting and I wouldn’t have heard of it otherwise.

  • seaguy

    You’ll never see that on the light rail in Seattle :-(

  • Curtispsf

    I like how some of the riders are going on nonchalantly intent on ignoring the stripper as if this is a daily occurrence…”Ho hum…just another stripper on the subway.”

  • Bob LaBlah

    Thirty years ago this now dime a dozen strip act would have went over big.

  • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

    Ok he did that right in front of the only kid on the train. He needs to be put in jail.

  • BigWill

    In addition to video for the sketch comedy site, but unfortunately he now also has cholera from touching the floor of an NYC subway.

  • GayEGO

    I guess subways are more than transportation! :>)

  • DCguy


    Really? And just what about the story was interesting? Random guy acts out on Subway for attention?

    There’s a new one.

  • ShaunNJ

    I’m not sure Mark is straight – he’s smart enough to be wearing kneepads which I often forget before parties.

  • stranded

    @IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou: I don’t think he should be put in jail, he wasn’t naked, but i do agree, it seems inappropriate.

  • Sluggo2007

    I thought it was great! I also thought the Muslim guy was gonna have a baby! Usually, when you hear “SHOWTIME!!!” on the NYC subway, it’s a couple of black panhandlers singing (or trying to sing) an old R&B song while shaking an empty can in your face.

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