Secret agent man

Thirsty videos of Biden’s secret service agent have the nation hot and bothered

The current political landscape may be unnervingly divisive, but everyone seems to agree on one thing: This secret service agent assigned to Biden’s detail can get it.

The unnamed agent became an unlikely viral sensation after the president took to the streets of Nantucket over Thanksgiving weekend.

While onlookers mostly took out their phones to record the unexpected run in with POTUS, TikToker Matthew Notarangelo (@life_with_matt) was focused elsewhere.

He posted a video of the agent, writing, “Forget about the PRESIDENT,” he wrote. “The ‘SECRET SERVICE’ be looking fine.”

“Marry me,” he added in the caption.

The video has racked up over 423K likes, and while the comments section is turned off, other similar videos show a nation united in thirst.

User @magsmur posted her own clip along with the observation, “When I wasn’t the only one looking at the secret service man.”

Some highlights from the nearly 2,000 comments:

  • “Honestly the best use of my tax dollars.”
  • “This is giving me too high expectations that the FBI guy watching my phone is hot.”
  • “He doesn’t know it but romance books are bing written about him and added to Kindle unlimited now.”