This Intense Louisiana Gay Bar Murder Mystery Will Haunt You

robert lecompteVanity Fair has an incredible article up this week about a tragic murder at a small Cajun country bar. Set aside 10 or 15 minutes and give it a read, and you’ll be thinking about it for days.

A few facts are straightforward enough: a beloved bartender/manager at a bar called The Drama Club was found stabbed to death on Christmas. But from there, things get murky.

Next to his body was a napkin with a note: “You gave me AIDS.” Speculation swirled that the victim, Robert LeCompte, was killed by a former employee and possible hookup, Jorell Young. There was virtually no physical evidence, but then a few weeks later, Young’s just-broken-up-with girlfriend called to accuse him of the murder.

There was a trial; Young was convicted. The primary evidence against him, aside from the accusation, was that he was the last one at the bar that night, and wasn’t seen again for nearly an hour.

Years later, the small town is still reeling from the crime. From the description in Vanity Fair, it sounds like The Drama Club is a shadow of its former self, still haunted by memories. And there’s still plenty of doubt about what exactly happened that night.