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This Is What a Straight Man Is Thinking While Watching Sex and the City 2

Don’t worry, writer Brian Donovan has commentary in here for the gays, too.

At first we thought maybe Donovan was just LOLing?

But on True/Slant, Donovan replies to bitter former Queerty editor Japhy Grant, who exclaims, “I think you’re forgetting gay men. We’re VERY excited to find out how Carrie Bradshaw will ruin another man’s life this time.” Says Donovan: “Really? The ‘like a virgin’ moment didn’t annoy you at all? How about Liza Minelli doing ‘single ladies?’ That doesn’t bother you as pandering to stereotypes? And also, really lame?” Haha. Yes!

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  • jimstoic

    Call me stereotypical, but I can’t wait for this movie.

  • L.

    Those aren’t white Bentleys – they’re white Maybachs. They’re that little bit more vulgar. Diddy got his kid one for his sweet sixteen.

    And yes, I feel shame for both knowing this and being able to spot them in a trailer.

  • Michael

    I am very excited about this movie and yes, i realize that it’s going to be painful…that being said, that clip made me laugh…hard

  • wannabegay2

    this was soooo funny!!!!!

    OK, i’m a SATC freak and i’ll go see this movie, even though the first one was horrible, stupid and it involved lots of bad acting (that’s just the 2000s)… but you know, like many of the gay males, i love samantha and miranda and hate the other two bitch*s.

  • Cam

    I saw the first one in a theater that was about 80% women, 15% gay men and 5% poor straight guys who had been dragged there by their girlfriends.

    Favoriate moment, when they showed some shoes and all the women int he audience gasped and waent “ooooo!” Straight gy turning to his girlfriend and asking “What happened, did I miss something?”

  • Brandon H

    I love me some cock in my ass as much as the next gay guy, but I agree with with everything this guy says. It’s funny because it’s true.

  • Ephram

    I can’t stand Madonna loving gays. Grow some balls. Be a man, not a fashion accessory.

  • Ephram

    I mean Sex and the City loving gays. Not Madonna. Oh wait they’re the same thing. Gawd.

  • jason

    I think the girls of Sex and the City are gay men in drag. Vain, consumption-obsessed, friviolous…you got it all. It’s classic psychological projection, a form of self-observation by the narcissistic gays.

    Sad, isn’t it?

  • Ephram

    OH MY GOD Jason I love you. You spoke truth to it all. Thank you thank you thank you. Of course not all gays, but in my experience the vast vast majority of them. I can’t stand gay bars these days. Yes, vain, materialistic, superficial…you stole the words right out of my mouth. One question though: What did you mean by “a form of self-observation by the narcissistic gays”? Sounds intriguing.

  • Gridlock

    to steal from Family Guy..

    “So.. it’s about 3 hookers and their mom?”

  • 7sn

    @jason: Wasn’t that a joke on The Simpsons once? Marge describing a show as four straight women that act like gay men? Pretty sure it was.

    God, the whole thing is repulsive and tacky and outdated and ugh, honestly, who gives fuck anymore

  • jack

    “Sex and the City” not “Sex and the Desert”

    Looks like the franchise has tanked for good.

    And, materialism is pumped into our environment 24/7 in all forms of media. It’s not just a chronic condition of the gays.

  • MuscleBoy

    Piece of crap movie. I hope it crashes and burns.

  • jason


    What I mean is that gay male narcissists are looking at themselves when they’re looking at Sex and the City. That’s what I mean by self-observation.

    Gay male narcissists need to do this for various reasons. One is that, if it were scripted as a show about four gay men, it wouldn’t get the funding from the major studios. It wouldn’t get made. Therefore, it’s a show about four gay male narcissists by “default”.

  • Javier

    Like most dudes, I would rather watch Howard the Duck all day than watch this chick flick. It amazes me that any guy would even be caught dead in the theater watching this lame stuff.

  • Ephram

    Ah thanks Jason. Makes sense now. And I agree completely. I’m in DC too and trying to find the non-Sex and the City gays. :)

  • Nickadoo

    “Bitter former editor?” Those are harsh words for someone that gave Queerty most of its best editorial over several years. Don’t be cunts unless you have reasons to back it up that you’re willing to share.

  • Jimmi

    I would rather spend an evening listening to a bunch of gym bunnies go on about their guns and how ripped they are or see a tired retread of a second rate 80’s TV-show that features things blowing up–so fresh and new!

    I love SATC and think it is a fun, fluffy fantasy of cosmopolitan life in NYC. I love the latent self internalized homophobia that a movie like this brings out in my gay brothers.

  • cocteau_twin

    The video is ridiculously unfunny, just super mean and bitchy. I mean menopause “jokes”? Come on….

    Would your average straight guy really worry about “culturally sensitive”, “nuanced potrayals” of the Middle East? Really?

    I mean please.

  • Donna

    All my friends loved the first S&TV movie but I thought it was excruciating, and I say this as a big fan of the (early part of the) series. I hope S&TC2 is better, but that’s a very long shot I suppose. I don’t plan on seeing it unless I feel assured it won’t hold me hostage to stupidity like the first one.

  • Zachz


    I fail to see how railing against shallow materialism is “internalized homophobia.” The fact that you associate being gay with shopping and ignorance is sad.

  • Ervs

    As a gay man, bj’s come standard and I am not going to be bribed into seeing this schlock for that.

    The way my boyfriend woke me up this morning, that makes me gay, not shopping and sex and the city.

    And that is not homophobia, that is who I am.

  • Zach


    And how exactly was Sex and the City cosmopolitan? It was about a bunch of relatively successful white girls and their shopping and dating travails.

    But maybe I’m wrong. I haven’t really seen that much of the show, so feel free to point out some of the museums, cultural festivals, and foreign literature events they attended.

  • Jimmi

    @Zachz: I was speaking more to Gay Men who refer to Gay Men who like the movie as being too fem or being shallow queens. Sometimes a movie is just a good movie that people enjoy. Why cast blame or insult? As for being materialistic–welcome to the USA.

    As for the show–watch it first. Then we can discuss it.

  • christopher di spirito

    Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a horse.

    I simply don’t understand all the swooning and sighing over her beauty. She seems likable and all and she’s pro-gay to her bones but, whenever I see her, I want to feed her a sugar cube or some hay.

  • SouLKid

    I know i’ll be lining up for the very first show of the movie at the cinema. yup. I’d probably get it in DVD as well and store it nicely with the rest of the other SATC DVDs.

  • Zach


    That’s not what you said. That, or you’re really bad at expressing your thoughts.

    You also appear to have reading issues: I said I have seen episodes of the show. I don’t think I have to watch the entire series in order to ascertain that it’s a vacuous exercise in materialism.

    “As for being materialistic–welcome to the USA.”

    Yes, yes. You like shiny baubles and think shopping=worldy. Alright.

  • Jimmi

    @Zach: I do love shiny baubles. And I like movies about it. Shopping hardly makes anyone worldly.

    Would it make you feel better if Samantha stopped fucking for one day and read Kafka? Or if Carrie gave up shopping and built sustainable green housing with habitat for Humanity?

    Obviously, you have some agenda. What is it dear? Wearing Che Guevara t-shirts and reading Das Kapital; seething and loathing the materialistic world we live in? Looking down your nose at the silly little faggots and vain women of the world? What’s your beef, doll?

    Is it that you like trolling web sites so you can rattle off your diatribes about disposable junk culture in the 21st Century? Duly noted.

  • cantstandthisbs

    please stop associating gay men and straight women as if were bffs its annoying. im a man who loves other men and not a fashion accessory to women.

  • jeffree

    I should be sleeping or studying, but i fell asleep & had the dreaded terrifying nightmare of SJP & skater Evan Lysacek spawning babies with mismached features & noses that won’t stop growing !
    kidding, ok!

    No plans on seeing this movie here: cuz James Franco or Collin Ferrell arent in it…. Need I say more? Not interested in trips to Abu Dhabi (abu Ghraib?) by a supposed newspaper columnist who can afford $700 shoes & $2,900 dresses and who treats gay men as frilly accessories!l

  • Zach


    “Obviously, you have some agenda. What is it dear? Wearing Che Guevara t-shirts and reading Das Kapital; seething and loathing the materialistic world we live in? Looking down your nose at the silly little faggots and vain women of the world? What’s your beef, doll?”

    I think it sad that you know exactly how shallow and ignorant you are and believe it to be a virtue. Though given your defensiveness and your predictable serious=Marxist diatribe, I can infer that this isn’t the first time someone attacked you for sponging off humanity to feed your useless, personless existence.

  • Jesse Helms

    I wonder if these characters have had a sexual lesbian experience with one another? One of the women is a real bulldike in real life.

  • L.

    I went to see the movie so you people wouldn’t have to. Turns out SATC2 has something in common with most movies: the trailer is better than the actual film.

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