witch, please

This JK Rowling fan just let her transphobia carry her to an embarrassing world record

A woman dressed as a witch runs a marathon and holds a plaque from Guinness World Records.
Photos via @EKaht on Twitter

TERFs (trans-exclusive radical “feminists”) have a habit of embarrassing themselves. From supporting genital checks for student athletes to openly allowing neo nazis into their “gender critical” movement, it’s nothing but bad look after bad look. It’s hard to twist the idea of reducing womanhood down to a person’s genitals into brave, feminist messaging, but they’re going to keep trying!

A particularly brain-numbing example of TERF cringe came through this week from JK Rowling enthusiast Emily Kaht. The amateur runner shelled out good money for a hyper-specific Guinness World Record to try to own the trans community, who immediately owned her right back.

Kaht ran a half-marathon while dressed as a witch, with a “This witch doesn’t burn” message wrapped around her party city broomstick. She then purchased a world record plaque declaring her run to be “The fastest half-marathon dressed as a witch”.

She really thought she did something:

This “fastest”, world record-worthy time clocked in at 1:55:04. The average runtime for a half marathon is 1:50:15.

Like us, her fellow Twitter users were not moved. Witches, trans people, and general folks with common sense all came out of the woodwork to let her know exactly how impressive her big record is.

Turns out that witch actually got plenty of burns:

If people liked Emily had an iota of historical literacy, they might grasp that the witch hunts were made up of suspicion of immorality, accusations of harm against women minding their business, and harshly punishing people unjustly. Unfortunately, their victim complexes are too all-encompassing for them to ever consider they might be on the wrong side.

TERFs think of the term TERF as a “slur” meant to silence them. If only it were working! Maybe a little silence would allow them to retain a shred of dignity.