TikTok hottie Chris Olsen finds his Barbie, erm… his Allan, in new boyfriend Patrick Johnson

Chris Olsen, wearing a furry coat open to reveal a ripped chest, a necklace, black sunglasses, and a bandana wrapped around his bleached hair stands next to Patrick Johnson. Johnson smiles softly in a red, blue, yellow, and green checkerboard white t-shirt like Allan from 'Barbie.' They stand in front of an orange step and repeat for Heidi Klum's Halloween party.

This Ken has found his Barbie Allan.

Our favorite TikTok homo heartthrob Chris Olsen (you know, the one who got real about getting chlamydia and is BFFs with Meghan Trainor) made his red-carpet debut with boyfriend Patrick Johnson.

The couple attended Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween party on Tuesday (Oct. 31), where Olsen, 25, showed off his abs as Mojo Dojo Casa House Ken and Johnson, 26, sported Allan’s signature color blocked tee.

Olsen and Johnson were in good company, too. Celebs like Taylor Lautner, Rachel Zegler, Keegan-Michael Key, and even Elon Musk’s mom also attended.

Naturally, Johnson is a TikTok creator as well.

The couple hard-launched their relationship on social media a few weeks ago, after some internet sleuths discovered the two attended Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour together.

It appears Olsen and Johnson also costumed up for Halloweekend as well. The duo went as every gay couple’s go-to: Mario and Luigi. You know, the plumber brothers who f*ck.

Fittingly, Johnson captioned the pic, “Siblings or dating?”

With 12 million followers on TikTok, it’s no surprise that Olsen (and his hilariously unhinged content) has created something of an online empire.

That being said, his relatability is why he continues to resonate with straights and gays alike.

He likes iced coffee. He stans Taylor Swift. And he is just as thirsty for Harry Styles as the rest of us.

Case-and-point: his infamous “Daddy?” sign, which he brought to a Styles concert last year, prompting the “As It Was” singer to engage with him from the stage.

“It used to be above my bed, but I felt like that was a little weird to have a sign that says ‘Daddy?’ there,” he recently told British GQ.

“So now, I have it just framed sitting against a wall for when I need to remember that it happened and that I had a nice conversation with Harry Styles in the Forum in L.A.” (Goals.)

Olsen, who splits his time between New York and Los Angeles, is also an avid reader. So, of course, he poured over heartbreaking LGBTQ+ novel A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara.

“It is definitely a heavy [book] to take on, but life can be heavy and it was a beautiful story to read through,” Olsen said. “I love books that’ll make me cry.”

Still, it’s not all sad boi vibes for the D.C. native, and his hysterical content is proof.

“I have a weird series of jumping around and testing durability in my heels, and that shows the scope of [my videos]: that it can be so fun on a grand scale of going to the Cannes Film Festival to deliver coffee to Austin Butler, to being in my home jumping around in my bathroom and seeing if my heels can handle it,” he explained.

“That’s beauty of social media and how fun it can be on either end, whether by myself or with other people.”

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