Tim Gunn Thinks Hilary Clinton Has “Cankles”, Dresses Like “She’s Confused About Her Gender”

On The Carlos Mencia George Lopez Show last night, Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn criticized Secretary of State and Former First Lady Hilary Clinton for wearing “Jersey Shore style… big, baggy, menswear=tailored pantsuits that are unflattering” and don’t hide her “cankles” adding, “I think she’s confused about her gender!” After recounting his respect for Clinton’s intellect, tenacity and government service Gunn said, “I just wish she could send a stronger message about American fashion.”

Ahh-ha. (ahem)

There’s no better way to show your respect for an accomplished woman in politics than calling her mannish, gender-confused, and publicly mocking her fashion choices. After all, Clinton’s most important role as Secretary of State is Diplomat of Style.

Yeah, he was making a cheap joke on a cheap talk show, but as a gay man, we thought Gunn should know better than to reduce a woman to her clothes. Miss Representation and The Celluloid Closet both challenge this very issue: by ridiculing a underrepresented group’s for superficial reason you dehumanizes both them and your audience.

No really Tim, cut the shit out. We like you more than this.

So… ayone wanna take bets on how long it will take until Gunn’s Twitter/blog apology?