Tim Gunn Thinks Hilary Clinton Has “Cankles”, Dresses Like “She’s Confused About Her Gender”

On The Carlos Mencia George Lopez Show last night, Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn criticized Secretary of State and Former First Lady Hilary Clinton for wearing “Jersey Shore style… big, baggy, menswear=tailored pantsuits that are unflattering” and don’t hide her “cankles” adding, “I think she’s confused about her gender!” After recounting his respect for Clinton’s intellect, tenacity and government service Gunn said, “I just wish she could send a stronger message about American fashion.”

Ahh-ha. (ahem)

There’s no better way to show your respect for an accomplished woman in politics than calling her mannish, gender-confused, and publicly mocking her fashion choices. After all, Clinton’s most important role as Secretary of State is Diplomat of Style.

Yeah, he was making a cheap joke on a cheap talk show, but as a gay man, we thought Gunn should know better than to reduce a woman to her clothes. Miss Representation and The Celluloid Closet both challenge this very issue: by ridiculing a underrepresented group’s for superficial reason you dehumanizes both them and your audience.

No really Tim, cut the shit out. We like you more than this.

So… ayone wanna take bets on how long it will take until Gunn’s Twitter/blog apology?

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  • timncguy

    I don’t think it’s a very good idea for Tim Gunn to be talking about gender confusion based on his voice and mannerisms.

  • jeff4justice

    It’s so cutely laughable when Queerty gets preachy about LGBT people making fun of other LGBT people when ya’ll do exactly that so often.

    Also, I’ve only seen the trailer for Miss Representation but I wonder if the film explores how the same absurd depictions in the media apply to men in different ways as well as just about every other group too.

  • Kenover

    Nasty old queen! Tim Gunn seems to be coveting Mister Blackwell’s title of Bitchy Fashion Critic to the Masses. If the tiara fits….

  • Pete n SFO

    Boy, if you ever wanted to accelerate the trip to the bottom of insignificance.

    You’re trashing accomplished women, gender-identity, AND people from New Jersey?!!

    Do the gayz have to keep this one or can we throw him back?

  • Pete n SFO

    and seriously, how is making fun of Hill’s appearance not gay-bullying?

    Would we offer the same advice given us? Lighten up… ?

  • Fitz

    Uggg…why is this old self-castrating weirdo giving
    this kind of shade? BTW, makes me ill that young gay men
    consider this creature a role model. He has one lousy
    heart ache and he gives up relationships and sex? What a
    thin skinned WIMP. Not who I want young men to become.

  • MBear

    A better response would have been that he would LOVE the opportunity to work with her on her fashion choices because “…she could send a stronger message about American fashion”.

    Since he was just negative and catty, he just comes across as a bitchy queen…which CAN be fun and scandalous and give us something to bitch about. ;)

  • timncguy

    @MBear: @MBear: And, being a bitchy queen could be perceived as being confused about his gender. LOLOLOL


    Tim is right. He has said it before: Hillary doesn’t understand the semiotics of fashion

  • Devington

    Oh get the sand out of your vagina. She’s very mannish and her pant suits are awful.

  • of course

    Tim sounds like an old frump himself when he repeats this tired line. It’s the verbal equivalent of a pantsuit.

  • Cam

    Oh Come on, Boehner can be mocked for being orange, and McConnell for looking like a cageteria lunch lady but Clinton can’t be told that her clothing is unflattering by somebody who’s job is to judge clothes. (Eye Roll) It’s his JOB to notice these things.

  • mgreehan

    I usually hate when people point out small grammatical errors, buuut maybe a little more proofreading on this article would have been helpful.

    “…by ridiculing a underrepresented group’s for superficial reason you dehumanizes both them and your audience.”

  • gherkin

    He needs to get LAID. Apparently, it’s been about 50 years.

  • seaguy

    She has no time for fashion she is having to clean up the mess Bush made by traveling the globe and trying to get America’s image back where it should be at the top of the pack not the bottom where Bush sent it.

  • disco lives

    The producer of “Will and Grace” (whatever his name is) also made a nasty and bewildering comment about Michelle Obama as well…telling the New York Times that if she spent more time around gay people, she wouldn’t dress so poorly. Never mind that Michelle is frequently praised for her style from all corners and frequently uses young gay designers like Jason Wu and Prabal Garang…

    Some gays are simply out of their mind.

  • Kaderade

    In the event you all havent noticed, U.S. politics is currently a 3 ring circus at home and abroad. She’s in the thick of it and all Tim Gunn and the fashionista gays are worried about is her pant suit? I like a well dressed person as well as the next but I don’t think we would have even had the same comments made were she a man and I find sexism and gender bullying from Mr. Gunn sad and bitter.

  • um_but

    @timncguy: BWAAHHAHHHAHAHAHA +1000
    We like you more than this, Tim. NOT…speak for yourself, Daniel

  • alan Balehead


  • bishop1j

    “I just wish she could send a stronger message about American fashion.” Her job is a little more important than that. SMH @ Tim.

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