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Tom Cruise + Jeremy Renner Will Make Sweet Action Love Together

Jeremy Renner, The Hurt Locker star who many suspect to be a homosexual, has been pinned down by Paramount Pictures to co-star in Mission: Impossible 4 alongside Tom Cruise, the Mission: Impossible 3 star who many suspect to be a homosexual.

The original plan was to find a young-ish actor who could carry on the M:I franchise, but Renner, at 39, is not exactly that. But it’s nice to see another pair of suspected homosexuals get together in front of the camera.

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  • Ronbo

    Give us a break and stop outing straights. I’m sick of your homo wish list. Don’t you need to shed your skin or have you passed molting season?

  • jason

    Hollywood is one of the most homophobic institutions around. It is a hotbed of closet cases who make a living by marketing heterosexual fantasy – usually from the male perspective – to the world. We in the GLBT community know this and have the power to bring it down. That’s why Hollywood fears us.

    We need to approach this step by step, day by day. First we bring down Hollywood and then we bring down that other extremely homophobic institution – the music industry.


    I am sooooo over that closeted cult loving midget……….

  • TheInsider

    Cruise’s last movie, “Knight & Day”, was one of the year’s biggest bombs. That must have squashed the huge ego of this little man. So now he wants to do “Mission: Impossible 4” to try to reclaim some luster. Go away you Tommy. Your time is up.

  • Jeffree

    @Jason: You said “Hollywood is one of the most homophobic institutions around”. What are you comparing it to? NASCAR, NFL, Bollywood, the USMC?

    If you’re going to make comparisons of that nature, you need to cite examples..

    Dude, you just got pwned,

  • Cam


    Jeremy Renner owns and lives in a house with the same guy he has lived with for years. This isn’t the first house they have owned and lived in together. Yeah, lots of straight guys buy and live in homes with their “Buddies”. As for Tom Cruise, frankly I don’t care what his sexuality is, because it’s all tied up in a big ball of crazy.

  • Cam


    I’ll give you two examples of Hollywood homophobia.

    1. Gay directors telling actors to stay in the closet or they won’t get cast, as has been posted on here several times. (I tried to put the link but the site seems to be screening)

    2. Scream and Brokeback Mountain. BM made more money than Scream and cost less to make, yet Hollywood ignored that and has made several sequals and copycats of Scream yet not one major studio has put out a gay themed movie, even though BM proved they could be money makers and infact BM made more in release and in DVD sales than Scream. Homophobic.

  • Joe

    @Ronbo: Tom Cruise, what are you doing on this site again under the alias “Ronbo”? Doesn’t Suri need her ass wiped?

  • Marcus


    That’s true. I’ve met him numerous times, nice guy, and the guy he lives with is NEVER with him LOL

  • Daez

    @Cam: BM was a script that had been around for 20+ years and was a one of a kind story. Because of the ending, it would be impossible to make a sequel to it, and the reason there is a lack of gay movies is because every script has been done at least once. Find a decent script, and you get a decent gay movie. There are plenty of movies with gay characters being made.

  • NAP79

    Man I hope Jeremy Renner doesn’t have a man-crush on Tommy Girl like Zac Efron does, he’s way too hot for that bitch. Its really a boner-killer to think that totally fuckable twink Zac likes to have playdates with this Napoleanic Xenu princess. How can anybody think that Tommy Girl is actually cool these days?!?!

  • Zach


    Right. Which is a why a gay-themed movie with two A-list actors has all the distributors running for the hills when it comes time to release it.

  • David

    I’d rather watch a Davey Wavey movie than a Tom Cruise flick.

    Tom Cruise has lost all sense of himself — in large part due to Scientology — and I don’t think he’s been his own real self in decades. I feel bad for the guy, but it is what it is.

  • Cam


    Oh yes, you’re right, every script has been done…funny, because could you please list just which if any scripts HAVE been done by a major hollywood studio in the last 10 years and given even 25% of the advertising push that SCREAM got? It’s weird, you Hollywood apologists, have been making up stuff for so long that sometimes you actually sound like you believe it.

  • Greg Hess

    Why in hell does anyone really care about who is gay and who isn’t. A person is who he or she is and that is all that matters. If Cruise or Renner is gay then there is an awful lot of other things about them that define them more than their sexuality does. It is the public that decides what defines an actor and the movies that make the most money are the ones that determine whose persona gets to make the next one. Rupert Everett, an actor who is known to be gay, announced that any gay actor who wanted to have a successful career should stay in the closet. It would be wonderful not to have the stigma of homosexuality applied to people, but it does. Times are changing and it won’t last forever.

  • Chris

    Brokeback mountain was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

    If 80% of your movie is panning through landscapes, you’ve made a nature flick, not a fucking oscar winner.

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