Tom Daley Hits One Million, Dan Osborne Gets Naked And Johnny Weir Works His Balls This #InstaWeek

The week that birthed excessive he-vage and killed the tranny ends with a rather studly selfie lineup.

Tom Daley hits one million followers! Yaaasss.

Certified leather daddy Terry Miller is celebrating International Mr. Leather (IML) in Chicago this weekend. A good time to remind everyone that he and Dan Savage have an open relationship.

Olly Murs and One Direction’s Niall Horan compare chest hair. Pale One Direction chest is not quite as titillating as pale One Direction ass, but we’ll still take it.

Straight tease Dan Osborne shares a selfie from the bathtub.

Justin Bieber arrives sans shirt with “the homies” in Cannes this week, hours before Paris Hilton left his party early.

Superdads Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka take their adorable twins to the park. Awww!

Johnny Weir shares workout tips. Of course this is how Johnny Weir works out.

Usher serves ice pick nip in a new shirtless selfie. How do you like your eggs, boys?

Bravo’s Andy Cohen snaps a selfie with Ricky Martin before their chat on WWHL this week. Martin revealed during their interview that he may or may not be single. Hmm..

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 4 winner Sharon Needles enters the “tranny” discussion, proclaiming that “freedom of speech is dead.”

Nicole Richie finally admits she’s a drag queen. “Were just 2 drag queens excited for summer#CANDIDLYNICOLE,” she writes.

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